Monday, September 19, 2011

10 Reasons why my child is better than yours . . .

This may upset some people, but just keep reading.

10 Reasons why Aaven seems better than other kids

1.  Aaven was born in Canada (an amazing country) 
2.  He can afford to eat pretty much whatever he wants.
3.  Most of his clothes don’t have holes or stains.
4.  He has an abundance of toys.
5.  He sleeps in his own bed.
6.  He’s traveled to more countries in 2 years than most have in their whole lives.
7.  He can afford to play in clean parks and indoor playgrounds.
8.  He’s usually clean.
9.  When he’s old enough, Aaven will have an amazing education.
10.  When he’s older, Aaven will have options and opportunities.

One of God's children.
There are so many homeless children in the Philippines.  We see them everywhere.  They’re begging at car windows, they’re sleeping on the sidewalks, they’re walking around bare foot beside us.  Sadly I think that I see them so often I’ve become desensitized to the overwhelming disparity.  Why is my child in a better position then they are?  What did Aaven do to deserve to live a better life then the boy on the streets?  Aaven did nothing to deserve his life.  He was born into it.  The boy on the streets did nothing to deserve his life.  He too was born into it. 

In God’s eyes they are one and the same.  Not one child better than the other.  Both precious in His sight and loved equally, but for some reason on this earth they are different.  They look different, they sleep, eat, and live complete opposite lives.  But they are one and the same.
Also God's child.

If Aaven was on the streets, would I not do all I could to rescue him?  Would I not risk my life to provide a better life for him?  I would do anything to help my family, I would so desperately do anything to feed and clothe him.  If the homeless child has parents, I’m sure they are risking their lives doing desperate things to take care of their children.  When you see a prostitute, think of the child that awaits for his mom to return home. 

I’m sure the poverty in Canada is much different.  It’s rare to see a homeless child sleeping on the street, we have child services and government organizations that assist with that kind of severity but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Sometimes the poverty in the Philippines is so overwhelming that it’s almost hopeless.  There’s just too many people, too many circumstances that prohibit the improvement of these social issues.  

So what can be done?  What can we do to help?  Pray and pray hard.  Put our own selfishness, our own issues, our own vain desires aside and think about the others that God loves just as much as us.  If you’re reading this, then you can afford a computer and internet.  That makes you far better off than the people I’m talking about.  What did you do to deserve the position in life God’s given you?  Nothing.  We could have been born in a third world country, with different social circumstances, on the streets . . . but we weren't.  We are in this specific place in our lives at this specific time for a reason.  Ask God to open your heart . . . now ask Him to break it.  Ask Him to show you specifically how you can use the position He’s given you to serve those less fortunate.  Ask Him to see people the way He sees people and to love others the way He does.  Let’s put ourselves aside . . . we’re not better than the next guy.

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