Friday, October 07, 2011

28 . . . so what!

The wisest bottle I own.

So I turn 28 today and I wanted to jot down some key things that stood out to me when reflecting on the past 28 years.  This is more so for my own memory and reflections and I would do it when I turn 30 but my lululemon water bottle says “do it now do it now do it now”. 

Here we go . . . mind you, not that interesting, just a lot of moving, you’ll see what I mean.

October 8, 1983 – Born in Mississauga, ON – Carmi Rose Tunay
1987 – moved from apartment to Valley’s townhouse
– June 21 my favorite one and only sister Maricar Grace    
Tunay was born!
1989 – family drove across Canada to British Columbia in a moving 
             truck, celebrated my 6th birthday in one of the prairies in a Tim Horton’s on a cliff.
            - lived in a motel for about a month
            - moved into an apartment
            - moved to Curlew Drive in Abbotsford, BC (house #5 in my lifetime)
1991 – visited Philippines for a month
1993 – moved from Curlew Drive to another house in Abbotsford
            - moved from Abbotsford back to Mississauga, ON(Ventura’s house)
            - moved from Ventura’s house to Dundas apartment
1994 – moved to Brampton, Ontario (house # 9)
2000 – started dating my best friend Jonathan Edralin (at the time aka ‘madmidget’) hehe
2001 – moved to Hillcrest in Mississauga
2002 – graduated high school at Turner Fenton
2003 – moved to Hanson Rd
2005 – moved to Robert Speck
2006 – graduated from University of Toronto
            - got engaged
2007 – moved to Etobicoke, ON
            - Jon and I bought our first home on Acorn (house #14)
            - June 8 – married my best friend – now known as Rev. Jonathan Edralin (dropped the      
2009 – September 15 – our gooby son Aaven Carlos David Edralin is born!
2010 – Jon and I bought our second home on River Grove (house # 15)
2011 -  moved to the Philippines (house #16)
            - our daughter Myla Jade Edralin is expected to arrive shortly

When I look back on my life the main thing I think about is change.  In 28 years I’ve gone to 7 different schools, lived in 16 different homes in 3 different provinces, in 2 different countries . . . and more to come I’m sure.  I’ve never really been attached to a house or looked back and related a specific place as ‘home’ because I’ve moved so often.  Maybe that was God preparing me to be a missionary.  Maybe that was God teaching me that my home is not on this earth.  When we were at a missionary conference in Bali, one thing really stuck with me and that was the fact that one day we will all be going home.  Home is not on this earth, and every moment that passes brings us one moment closer to when we will indeed go home.  This year I’ll be spending my birthday in the Philippines.  If God wills me to live until 29 only He knows where I will be. Our lives are His and I’m excited to see where He will lead us.  This life is an adventure and as I look back on my past 28 years I feel blessed.  Not because I’ve done anything super amazing but because He’s allowed me to see His grace in my life and that throughout all the changes that’s happened, despite all the places I’ve lived or been, He’s been there and has been the ONLY thing that’s stayed the same.  That lets me live the rest of my life feeling safe in a world of uncertainty . . . through it all He knows me, my life, my future, and will hold my hand until He needs me to finally come home.  So what, I’m 28 . . . age ain’t nothing but a number, it’s more of a count down of when I finally go home, I’m just trying to keep busy until then.

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  1. Happy Birthday Carmi! Wishing you all the best!