Friday, January 20, 2012

What's New?

It's a new year so what's new?  Just wanted to post an update on what's new with the Edralin family.  =)  We've been in the Philippines for over a year now and I believe I've become more Filipino.  I can now j-walk like a boss.  Cars do not scare me!!!!  I get cold in 28 degree weather and wear a jacket . . . yes, a jacket.  I'm now one of those people I used to smirk at who were wearing winter clothing while I was sweating.  I now say "for a while" when I want someone to wait a minute and I have accepted the fact that I am a "maam/sir" when being addressed by sales associates.  Philippines is a wonderful country and the people are amazingly compassionate, considerate, hospitable, and polite.  I hope to have developed these traits as well before we leave the Philippines!

Myla at 1 month (and apparently terrified of the camera)
The biggest new thing came to us at 6lbs 13oz . . . Myla Jade, our newest family member!!!!  She was born on December 5 and came really fast!!!!  I made a huge scene and delivering was definitely an adventure.  You can read more about it on our family blog, Epic Birth.  Myla is our only filipino born baby but must be canadian at heart coz she's on Toronto time.  She sleeps in the day an is awake ALL NIGHT!!!!  The joys of parenting.  She's 6 weeks right now and is a chunky 10lbs.  Her rolls have rolls and she eats like she's never had food before.   She has the biggest smiles when she sleeps, yet rarely smiles when she's awake.  She must be having good dreams.   I love her.
Aaven's big smile (clutching his "car toy" in pocket)

Aaven is doing well, making a mess as I type this.  He's funny.  When he sees the cartoon of Captain Hook on TV he thinks it's Jesus.  I don't see the resemblance.  He loves eating "noonils" which are noodles, and when he plays with his GI Joes he says they're eating rice.  I guess that's the Filipino in him. He'll stop eating if he sees crumbs, then he'll go get the dustpan and clean before he resumes his meal.  When I say something is broken or needs batteries, he ALWAYS grabs his toy drill and says "I fix".  He'll drill the thing for a long time . . . but has yet to really fix it.  hee hee.  When he gets hurt he says "sorry" but rarely apologizes when he accidentally hurts others.  He's an awesome big brother.  He loves Myla, he shows her all his toys, makes GI Joe tickle her, and he randomly kisses her and holds her hand.  I love him. 

Jon and I are getting used to our new routine of being parents of two.  Jon is awesome.  He does as much as humanly possible with the kids when he's home, then he's off using his amazing God-given gifts serving our Lord.  I am constantly amazed by who he is and who God continues to make him.  I am never short of a laugh with him around.  He makes life interesting, exciting, joyful, and adventurous.  I love him.

As for me, I'm doing well.  My eyebags have baby bags.  Lack of sleep.  My ears are now oblivious to the sound of crying, and I can now eat my meals in 2 mins or less (gotta eat fast, usually on a time crunch before a child is in need).  Although I feel the strain of being a mother, I am blessed to be one and can't picture doing anything else.  God has blessed me with the opportunity to stay at home with my children for this time in my life and I will try my hardest to not take it for granted.  You gotta appreciate what you're doing at this very moment coz this moment will pass and will never return.  =)

We are constantly seeking God's guidance in our lives.  We are asking for patience, peace, and strength as we pray that He will show us where we need to be and when He wants us to be there.  Our future is unknown to us but well written and known by our Maker.  Although our plans may not work out exactly as we expect, we are blessed because His plans always do.  =)  We're embracing the unknown and will always follow our Lord, even when we're in the dark.  Although we may not see the next step, we know we are being led by our Father who is never in the dark.  He is our light, our guide, and we will continue to follow Him all the days of our lives . . . hopefully our children will do the same.  =)

Myla chatting her Kuya's ear off.