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So I guess I'm a mother blogger! This 'blog' is something I'd like to share to whoever cares to read it! =) I'm not technologically advanced, so this blog isn't going to be super good looking. I'm not a writer, so this blog isn't going to be spelled perfectly or be gramatically correct. I'm just a mother. A simple mother.
My husband Jon, my son Aaven, and me the mom.

My husband and I are serving as missionaries in the Philippines, originally from Canada. I am blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with my children.  I have a 2 year old son and a daughter on the way!

When I first came to the Philippines, I thought I was going to be a super missionary. I thought I'd be able to save the world by doing all these great things like helping the poor, teaching kids, or being part of meetings that help establish and accomplish our mission here. When I arrived I realized that I can't do as much as I wanted to because I have a child who requires so much of my time and attention. I didn't have the freedom to serve God and others the way I used to before having children. I felt bad, here I am as a missionary and unable to do any ministries (unless for the rare occasion where Jon and I didn’t have ministry at the same time).  I was asking God “why am I here? What can I do for you? How can I serve you when I’m constantly being needed by my child?” Then I saw an angel . . . ok, not a real angel but a wonderful missionary’s wife who has been in the ministry for almost 40 years. I expressed to her my frustrations and she simply replied “Your ministry is your husband and your children”. She said that Jon is able to do his ministry because I effectively do mine. She continued on to say that God has provided me with a little disciple of my own, Aaven, and that I should do all I can to serve him as I would serve a cell group or a Sunday school class.

I was reminded that my ministry is my family. To serve my husband and children as I would serve God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 states “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” My idea of ministry shifted and began to change. To all you mothers/wives current or to be . . . as frustrating and time consuming as family can be, when God blesses us with family, they become our main ministry and a joyous and fulfilling one at that!

I guess this blog is just to share some things that touch me during my ministry as a mother. I think I'll be organizing this blog either as a form of a devotional or just my thoughts. Hopefully you'll be able to take something from it and grow with me as we continue together on this journey of being 'mom'.