Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lots to do . . . nothing fits.

This is gonna be a short one.  Jon's carrying Myla, Aaven requires my attention (his puzzle apparently 'snot working'), and I still gotta clean.  There's lots to do.  A lot to do right now, a lot to do in the next 7 weeks, and a lot to do when we get back to Canada.  Right now we've just gotta get dinner done and clean the house.  In the next 7 weeks we gotta prepare our moving countries . . . nothing's gonna fit in our luggages.  When we get back to Canada, we gotta start up a different life again.  Everything changes, nothing is forever.  There's lots to do.

Just to relate it to our ministry . . . there will always be a lot to do for God.  Life changes, time moves, and the work is plenty.  Sometimes in the busy-ness of our lives we feel like stuff doesn't fit in our schedules.  When we feel like that, we've just gotta get rid of what we don't need and make the stuff that's important fit.  That's what we're gonna do with our luggage.  I'm gonna leave behind the clothes that don't fit my post-pregnancy 'I still look pregnant' body and bring a wooden boat home instead.  At least I won't have to try the boat on.
He doesn't fit . . . now to fit another kid in there too. (old pic, he def won't fit now)  hee hee

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