Friday, November 30, 2012

What's Up Doc?

So I have some time once again in Tim Hortons.  Today it's a white hot chocolate and too many cookies for one person but oh well!  There are so many things I wanna say to all the wonderful people who may read this.  I guess this will just be an update on what's been happening in the past few months and what's gonna happen in the months to come.  I totally would rather tell you what's up in person and hear what's up with you in person but sometimes it's hard to do with a toddler clinging to my leg and a baby  hanging off my arms but I guess blogging should do!  =)

Aaven: My little baby turned 3 on September 15th!!!!!  AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!  He's into fighting (probably because of the new muay thai ministry), his little babies (stuffed little animals he treats as babies . . . a little weird but very cute), and saying mommy every 23 seconds . . . literally.  He's potty training right now, yay me.  It's hit and miss . . . literally.

Myla:  She's turning 1 this December 5!!!!!!  Sooo fast!!!  She's into smiling, throwing food on the ground, and climbing up the stairs (but she's not allowed!!!!).  She's so special and awesome.  I call her my hairless, big tooth wonder.  She also learned to walk and looks like a zombie doing it!!!!  I feel sad coz it's like I missed out on her year of life coz I had to share my time with Aavs.  I miss her childhood!!!!  Jon assures me she won't remember.  =)

Jon:  My husband turned 30 on November 22!!!!!!!  I love him so much!  I am so proud of him and so blessed to be by his side.  30 wonderful years of life, 13 of them he was blessed to share with me! ;)  He's doing a lot, busy with Tuesday House Church, Thursday Muay Thai, and new ministry opportunities which he'll update the world on. =)

Myself:  As of October 8, I am a young 29! :p  Busy potty training, aiding a teething baby, supporting an amazing husband, and sneaking naps in as often as I can!  A job opportunity came up and I almost started working . . . it consisted of international traveling so it didn't happen but I think I am now mentally prepared to return to work if an opportunity arises. I originally wasn't planning to work until Aavs started school next September but if there's an opportunity, I'm gonna trade these jogging pants for jogging pants that could pass as dress pants!  =)  So, if any of you know of a job opening for admin of some sort, let me know!  =)

Things to come . . . lots of stuff I'm sure! hee hee, well, Christmas!!!!!!  We are so super excited to share Christmas again with all our family here.  It will be Myla's first winter and Canadian Christmas!!!!  Aaven sometimes wakes up crying "I'll never find winter", so I'm sure he can't wait for snowfall.

Anywho, that's all for me!!!!!  I hope you are all doing well and please let me know if there's anything for you I can pray for.  =)  You can email me at or facebook me!  Looking forward to seeing your face, yeah you, I mean you!  =)  Love and Blessings!

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