Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Am I?

Tired mom and gooby kids. =)
I kinda don't remember who I am anymore.  I mean, I know who I am but sometimes I'm so busy fulfilling my 'role' as wife and  mother that I forget that I am Carmi, a person.  Sounds funny, I know. Everyday is the same for me.  Someone once asked what I was doing over the long weekend and I was like "it's a long weekend?" coz everyday is the same when you're a stay at home mom.  Don't get me wrong, I am blessed, satisfied, joyful, and happy being a stay at home mom.  I love my kids and I love this role God has set out for me.  It's just sometimes we moms need some time to get back to who we are apart from the hustle and bustle.

My very amazing husband offered to take the kids for a couple of hours so I could have some alone time.  He usually does this when he notices I'm crying over spilled milk (literally), putting Aaven's clothes on Myla, or I complain I haven't taken a shower in a week (gross, i know).  Now I am in Tim Hortons, reflecting on my life and the goodness of our God.  I get to eat this donut slowly without sharing, check my email without a baby tapping on the keyboard, and think about who God made me to be and what He wants me to do with it.

I am still Carmi, just a different kind.  I'm mom Carmi now. I now miss great girl time events coz of sick babies, when I go out I am on curfew coz babies have bedtimes, I have permanent bodily wiggles and jiggles and my kids can play snake and ladders on my stretch marks.  But I am still me.

On a side note, I have realized that I'm not young and cool anymore (if I ever was to begin with).  I was at a youth event a few weeks ago.  I thought I was one of the youth, just jammin to music and talking to friends.  The next day I saw one of the guys who were at the youth event and he was like "Hey, you're that mom from last night".  That mom?  I'm not that pretty girl from last night, or that cool chick hanging out last night? I'm now that mom.  It aged me instantly.  So, in conclusion, I just wanna share to whoever may read this that moms are people too. Sometimes they are people who would like to be referred to as pretty mommas, cool chicks who make chicks, and mother awesomeness. But really, moms are just like you, someone else's child.

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